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Online Video Converter – No software required

Online Video Converter – No software required, easy to use and totally free!

The world today has become quite entertaining with videos and audios doing the rounds on the internet. It is a known fact that those video platforms do not provide download option making it difficult for the users. To make your video conversion and downloading easy, we have brought you the ‘Online Video Converter’ that best does the job. You can have the collection of all your favourite media on your device in the format that you want them to be in.

Now, you can convert videos into various formats like MP3, MP4. M4v so on. You can record a video just but downloading the suitable launcher and you are good to go. The one best feature of the online video converter is that it is even accessible in your mobile phones. Isn’t that cool enough making things simpler?

Steps for Simple conversion

Follow these conversion steps one by one and your video is converted. 

  • Step 1: Firstly, copy the link of the video that you want to convert in here. You can also directly add the video file from the device. 
  • Step 2: Carefully choose the formats and customize the other features that you would like your video to have. 
  • Step 3: Now, click on ‘Start’ in order to start the process of conversion. 
  • Step 4: You can now download the converted video. Simple!

Superior conversion quality

Did you know that with Online Video Converter (OVC)you can convert your favourite media files or videos into any format without the need to download any software application on your device?! You got that right. OVC is an online media application converter that is hassle-free to use. You can convert, download videos from video platform giants like YouTube, Dailymotion etc. It is most preferable for the reason that it is easy and compatible to use on any device. 

Convert your favorite files into various formats like mp3, .wav, .aac, .wma, .ogg and much more in the store is here. Convert video files into formats like mp4, .webm, .mov, .mpg, .flv and so on goes the list of latest formats. 

Mobile access

Now you no longer have to access our services from your computers, but in fact, use our online conversion service even through your smartphone or tablet. This feature is also enabled in such a way that you can directly download the converted file into your mobile devices. Mobile accessibility makes the task easier. So why not tell your friends and delight them with this good news of video conversion facility on mobile?


Now, your favourite YouTube video can be converted right here in just a few seconds. You can convert the YouTube videos into different formats listed here –

  • MP3
  • M4V
  • WMA
  • AVI
  • FLV
  • OGG
  • FLAC and much more. 

Convert the video into any of the above formats and download the converted high-quality video into your device. 

  • Features of the YouTube converter: 

Check out the latest features of the video converter. 

  1. High-level compatibility with modern-day browsers. 
  2. Free conversion and download. 
  3. No more software installations in your device. 
  4. High conversion speed. 
  5. Supports different video mediums. 
  6. No registrations and charges.

  • Steps to be followed: 
  1. Enter or copy the URL link of the video in the space provided. 
  2. Select the format in which you want your video. 
  3. Click on ‘Start’ to begin the process of conversion. 
  4. You will be notified when the conversion is done. 
  5. Now, you can download the converted video in high speed on to your device. ‘


Looking around to convert your favourite media file with downloading any software? You are at the right place. The Online Video Converter does the job for you. Select or click the media file that you want to convert and select the format options like video and audio formats. 

Your file is converted according to the formats and settings are chosen by you. All this is free of cost and you can convert and download media files any number of times that you wish to. 

  • Features of the online video converter – 

Go through the latest features of our video converter which is designed to make the conversion process simple. 

  1. Fastest media conversion ever. 
  2. Availability of different media conversion formats. 
  3. No registration.
  4. Cost-free.
  5. Unlimited conversions and downloads. 
  6. No need for software installations. 
  7. Works best in all-new updated internet browsers.

  • Steps to be followed – 
  1. Select any audio or video media file of your choice from your device. 
  2. Select the conversion format from the list of the formats available. 
  3. You can also customize the format with the help of ‘More setting’. It will enable you to customize the pre-existing format settings. 
  4. To begin the process of conversion of your media file clicks on ‘Start’. 
  5. Once the conversion process comes to an end within a few seconds, you will be able to download the converted video in high speed. 

So, these are some of the best-enabled features of the Online Video Converter. Convert your favourite media and download the same just with simple steps. 

Brisbane’s Top 5 Local Companies for SEO Services

Brisbane’s Top 5 Local Companies for SEO Services

SEO is a need for every small to medium to large business to beat their competition on Google like search engines and get potential online business. There are various digital marketing companies in Brisbane city which provide high-efficiency search optimisation and claims top position results in Google. So Today, I just brought to you a list of top 5 SEO companies on which you can bet for best search optimisation results.

Joel House Search Media Top rated SEO provider with 5-star ratings in Brisbane to help you grow your business. They have successfully ranked various business in Brisbane.

Reload Media: The next one in my list is Reload media, they are serving Brisbane businesses since 2008 with their powerful SEO techniques. They huge list of big brand names in their portfolio like Supercheap Auto, Rebel, Heritage Bank, Signet, Jetts Gyms, Price Attack, Bartons and Merlo. This SEO company can be a great fit for your business SEO in Brisbane.

Webgator: If you want to rank your business on top of the competition in Brisbane then this could be a great company for you. A locally based SEO company has various SEO services option for local to national businesses. Call Webgator today to discuss your SEO strategy.

Kick Media: It is a Brisbane based small team of digital experts which provides amazing results with their strategies. If you are online business in Brisbane, then might be a great option for you to help you with SEO and digital needs.

BDM Media – The Fastest growing Digital marketing company in Brisbane, and known for best and commits guaranteed results in 90 days or Its free!! An amazing service provider with reliable solutions and results.

Hope you like these suggestions, would love to hear your feedback If I missed something important in this list. Thanks!

SEO link roundup april blog

April Month’s Link Roundup for SEO #1

Several interesting blogs posted on search engine optimization to provide great insights into the latest techniques and strategies in this month. So I have compiled a list of some important topics to share with you:

Top 11 Search Engine Optimization Roundup


1. Google’s John Mueller Discusses Evolving Role of Links in Ranking

2. Free Google AI Image Analysis Tool

3. De-indexing bug hits Google Search Console reports, tools

4.WooCommerce 3.6, AMP plugin update, WPGraphQL and WordPress news

5. Yoast SEO 11.0: Structured data awesomeness

6. SEO Writing Assistant: Tone of Voice

7. How to Improve SEO: 8 Tactics That Don’t Require New Content

8. FAQ: Everything you need to know about Google’s RankBrain in 2019 Get all answers on how Google’s RankBrain works in this blog post.

9. Local SEO Guide for Small Businesses

10. 4 Unconventional Ways to Become a Better SEO

11. Advanced PPC Trends to Watch Closely in 2019

Lets close this SEO roundup here and I hope you find this useful. Thanks!!!

What Are The Best Tools and Devices That Web Design Companies Implement?

Web design is that part of the creation of the website that helps to maintain a fair amount of traffic to the website. It mainly due to the fact that a highly innovative and unique website is what constitutes its popularity. Every organization needs a presence on the web considering the wide reach of the internet which creates a special niche of clientele for the business. Therefore, each and every organization should host a website that is informative, attractive and user-friendly. There are a number of organizations that have the skill and the tools necessary in the creation of a website that generates a fairly good amount of traffic to the website. The web design services in Brisbane provided by some companies are highly effective in this regard and ensure that the website is always on top of the ranking in all of the popular search engines for potential customers to find it. Some of the noted tools used by web designers include:


This is one of the tools to build a website which is basic in nature. It just involves a few basic steps which Yola allows to even integrate the services offered by third-party networks into the website. It also allows for a high level of editing and sharing. Though the basic services of the tool is free, the charge for some special features exists.


This is one of the latest tools that help in the creation of a website. Working in collaboration with iPhone, prototypes of the older generation can be re-created on the latest laptops, which is further enhanced by the use of Google’s Principles of Material Design. Some of its special features include high speed for quick viewing and high quality of the prototype.

Synchronized Testing

This is an essential tool for all those companies offering web design services in Brisbane, especially for the creation of websites that are intended to be mobile-friendly. This tool is necessary to test all the devices present in the website and the tool is designed to test multiple devices at the same time, which helps to save up on time lost due to actions that are repetitive.


This application is designed for the iPad and is in beta. It is available with a user-friendly interface kit and an array of other features along with it.

Adobe Edge Inspect 

This is a free tool that provides the website designers as well as developers to process the work of the designer in the most hassle-free manner. Moreover, it allows the designer to connect the device in such a way that the browsing sites are reflected in all of them

These are just a few of the tools that are available and implemented by the various companies offering web design services in Brisbane. Engaging their services is not only an assurance of high-quality work but also provides the business with a website that is highly advanced.

Affiliated Marketing Programs of Digital Marketing

Top 5 Affiliated Programs of Digital Marketing in India

Affiliated Marketing Programs of Digital Marketing

Nowadays, earning money is something which is not too difficult a task. There are multiple jobs, multiple methods of how one can earn enough money to keep himself/herself happy. If you are the one who doesn’t want to do daily desk jobs from 9 to 5 and earn money in more of an independent way, then the web is all for you. From freelancing to affiliate programs, one can earn money simply by being his own boss. Talking about affiliate programs, there are many affiliate programs which pay a handsome amount if you generate the revenue for them. It is the reason why we have created a list just for you to tell you which are the best affiliate programs you can join and earn.

So, here is the list of top 5 affiliate programs of digital marketing in India:

1. Amazon Affiliate Program

Image Source: Amazon

There is nothing better than enrolling into Amazon’s affiliate programme. One of the most profitable company in the world and the biggest online store, Amazon helps people with its affiliate program too. You can easily join the program for free and get up to 12% in advertising fees where you will get some of its unique Amazon Coupons to promote. Although, there are many products which don’t offer any advertising fees. But, don’t you worry, it is a paradise for bloggers who want to earn from digital platforms too. Most of the bloggers use this affiliate program to monetize their webpage by advertising the products.

2. Flipkart Affiliate

Image Source: Flipkart

Making money by Flipkart Affiliate is something one must do. A straight competitor to Amazon’s affiliate program, this program is a big affiliate marketing platform in India. With over millions of products on Flipkart, you can advertise any of it on your webpage and earn money. Flipkart’s affiliate program is free and offers various tools like Product Links and Banners, Promotional Banners & Widgets, Search Tools, Affiliate Bookmarklet Widget and more. You can earn up to 15% of commission if anyone buys the product from Flipkart website through your webpage. Flipkart’s commission too depends on the product you buy and advertising fees you get is according to that.

3. Semrush

Image Source: BeRush

Semrush is the go-to place for every digital marketer or blogger if they want to crack all the nits and grits of digital marketing and SEO business. Semrush is known for its affiliate program too which offers commission up to 40%. And, this is the only reason most of the digital marketers subscribe to this- only due to the high commission. Known as Berush, Semrush’s affiliate program can give a big bump to your salary. This program gives you the chance to earn 40% of the total revenue on a month-to-month basis.

4. AliExpress Affiliate Program

Image Source: AliExpress

AliExpress Affiliate Program is a great platform to give a boost to your income which is free to use plus join too. You can add the products to your webpage and every buy from your website with available AliExpress Offers can make you earn a heck lot of money. AliExpress Affiliate Program gives you the opportunity to earn a commission of up to 50% by advertising the products. It all depends on the products which you are selling and the commission rate assigned to it. AliExpress provides a good set of tools and incentives so that one can reach his/her goal.

5. Aweber

Image Source: Aweber

There is hardly anyone in the field of digital marketing who hasn’t heard the name of Aweber affiliate program. Aweber is a great affiliate program for the ones who are looking for free signup and good commission rate with it too. Aweber offers up to 30% commission per referral. Moreover, Aweber gives its users 30 days of free trial just to check its tools. Aweber is growing slowly and has grabbed many customers in recent years. If one is getting trouble in using some tools, they also provide live support to help you out. Once you earn $50, you will get the first check from Aweber.

Free Schema Markup Generator Tools

Top 5 Free Schema Markup Tools to Generate Schemas for You

Free Schema Markup Generator Tools
Image Source:

Schema plays most important role when It comes to search engine optimisation of businesses. Structured data helps in making search results more rich & visually appealing with relevant information.

There are various SEO tools & plugins available to develop and implement on the website. Using these tools you can generate any type of Structured data and put back the code on your website.

Here we have compiled a list of top and best 5 Schema markup generator tool that can help you with schema generator for your business:

1. Schema Markup Generator (JSON-LD) By MERKLE

Use this tool to create required structured data or properties in JSON-LD. Once you have created your relevant Schema markup, just verify with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

How easily you can create schema using this tool, see below:

Select your markup type

Free Schema Generator Tool for Structured data

In case you are creating for person, just choose person and fill the details as shown in the below image.

Free Schema Generator Tool for Structured data

2. JSON-LD Schema Generator For SEO by Hall Analysis

Quickly generates the right JSON-LD for your local business, person, product, event, website, or organization. This tool will help you generate structured data very easily.

Type of markup we can generate with this tool are:

Best Schema Generator Tool for Structured data

Just choose your type and fill up the details of required properties and your schema will be ready in JSON-LD. See attached image below

JSON-LD Schema Generator For SEO by Hall Analysis

3. Generator for SEO | JSON-LD by

This is an awesome tool to create Schema for local businesses. Here you will find every local business type. Choose the right category from the left side and start creating structured data in JSON-LD for your business and click to generate.

See here the preview of schema generation:
microdatagenerator for schema markup

4. Google Structured Data Markup Helper by Google

Best and very easy tool to generate markups for your web page. You just have to select your schema markup type, paste your web page URL and start tagging your sections to create schemas.

Google Structured Data Markup Helper by Google

5. JSON-LD Generator by Schema App

In this schema generator tool, you will find a range of schema types for comprehensive markup generation for businesses. There are hundreds of schema classes or property types available in this tool to use for any type of business and web page. Simply generate your schema and paste it on your website. JSON-LD Generator by Schema App

Once you are done with creating your schema markup for your business do not forget to check it on Structured data testing tools.

Hope you find these tools helpful for your generating schema markups.

I would like to see your comments below, If I have missed something in the post.

Best Social Bookmarking and Sharing Sites to Boost SEO Traffic 2019

The Complete list of best social bookmarking and social sharing sites to use in 2019 for SEO.

An Introduction to Social Bookmarking:


Social bookmarking alludes to sites that encourage talk and asset sharing inside an inflexibly labelled and sorted out scientific classification. Prevalent social bookmarking sites incorporate Reddit, Digg and Mix. As of late, social bookmarking sites have changed into dynamic online networks where clients share and talk about connections, however structure discourse bunches dependent on common interests.

Anybody that is ever attempted their hand at SEO realizes that it’s unpredictable, no doubt. In this way, when instruments go along that make the craft of site design improvement somewhat less demanding, we stand up and pay heed.

Social bookmarking websites are one of these apparatuses that can affect advanced showcasing on the grounds that it fills a standout amongst SEO’s most critical components – backlinks.

Social bookmarking websites are a route for individuals to seek, find, assemble and sort out website pages of enthusiasm utilizing virtual “bookmarks.” Web-based life works extraordinarily for social bookmarking. Take, for instance, Pinterest. Pinterest is seemingly the most prevalent social bookmarking site ever.

Websites like Pinterest, and a couple of others that we’re going to outline for you, are essential for SEO.

When you’re recorded on, or have content shared through a bookmarking site, it creates a backlink (normally nofollowed) yet can likewise result in gigantic increments in rush hour gridlock back to your site. Social bookmarking websites likewise help you develop quality backlinks, which is another real part of acquiring Page 1 status from web indexes. Be that as it may, don’t be tricked. Web search tools are seeking these destinations for more than connection signals.

A brisk scan for social bookmarking locales will yield several outcomes. All in all, how would you know which social bookmarking locales are justified, despite all the trouble? Begin by investigating the the top choices we’ve accumulated underneath.

The Best Social Bookmarking and Social Sharing Sites for 2019

High Page Authority and Domain Authority Sites



PA: 100 DA: 100

Twitter is enormous.

While it probably won’t be the main site that flies into your brain for submitting content, it has a substantial group of onlookers and is a productive stage for posting.

Numerous individuals use it to post connections, substance, and pictures that they discover intriguing and deserving of a return to later on.



PA: 100 DA: 100

Facebook is seemingly the most prevalent informal community on the planet.

In spite of changes to how Facebook calculation reduce natural achieve, it can at present be a noteworthy wellspring of traffic for posted substance.



PA: 84 DA: 98

LinkedIn is a 500 million+ part informal community intended to assemble and connect with your expert system.



PA: 81 DA: 98

As the quintessential social bookmarking site, Pinterest has a normal month to month client base of 175 million, around 80 percent of them females.

In its lifetime, in excess of 50 billion pins have showed up on Pinterest.



PA: 89 DA: 98

What can’t be found on Reddit?

Clients produce a rundown of bookmarks by remarking, upvoting or downvoting content that is shared on the stage.

Reddit is an extraordinary instrument when you’re looking to rapidly advance your very own substance.


Mix (formerly Stumbleupon)


PA:53 DA: 66

Mix is one of the more well known bookmarking destinations, to a limited extent since it’s so natural and instinctive to utilize.

Search for indistinguishable duty to convenience from Mix moves toward becoming Mix in summer 2018.



PA: 81 Da: 92

The go-to bookmarking site for innovative sorts, particularly architects.

In the event that you like to investigate with a realistic and visual plan, or you have somebody in your group that does, Dribble is an incredible spot to get some SEO backlink activity.



PA: 75 DA: 92

Slashdot is a definitive bookmarking site for tech-nerds and the geek on a basic level.

Clients of Slashdot submit and share content on gaming, distributed computing, PC equipment, security the board, and the sky is the limit from there.


We Heart It

PA: 95 DA: 98

While clients can submit and bookmark diverse kinds of substance, We Heart It is vigorously visual.

The site is decent to take a gander at, simple to utilize, and persuasive – particularly for any individual who cherishes extraordinary symbolism.



PA: 77 DA: 92

Delicious is incredible booking checking site when you’re hoping to develop the greatest footing on your substance.



PA: 74 DA: 92

Fittingly named, when you place something in your GetPocket, it’s there to be discovered later.

Clients of GetPocket can clutch anything they find on the web or through different applications.

Extra focus for the way that once something’s in your GetPocket, you needn’t bother with a web association with access it.



PA: 81 DA: 94

Got an extraordinary substance?

At that point, it has a place on Digg.

Digg is the addictive social bookmarking site that is ideal for imparting your spellbinding substance to an exceptionally drawn in the group of onlookers.



PA: 66 DA: 87

The Folkd bookmarking site contains a one of a kind social hunt highlight that works much like a run of the mill web index, aside from the outcomes don’t originate from a perplexing, machine-driven arrangement of an investigation.

Rather, top outcomes show quality substance that clients of Folkd have bookmarked.

The more spares a piece gets, the higher it’s position in their social pursuit, which associates their guests with considerably greater quality substance.



PA: 67 DA: 80

A standout amongst Fark’s best ascribes is their pledge to quality.

As an informal communication news site, Fark gets piles of entries once a day, however, displays just the best to their group of onlookers.

This site isn’t for weak, frail substance.

Be that as it may, in case you’re prepared to feature your ability and direct people to your own site, Fark is the best approach.



PA: 59 DA: 69

On the off chance that you have content about new companies, showcasing, and the universe of a private venture, at that point BizSugar is the social bookmarking site that will help assemble your notoriety and brand specialist in a developing network of similar, independent company experts.



PA: 73 DA: 92

This site pointed toward experts, offers answers for substance creation, content curation, prescient investigation, and substance knowledge.

Scoop.It offers two distinct stages – a free form for people and a paid rendition for organizations.



PA:35 DA 37

For individuals who cherished Newsvine, and were dispirited when it shut down, Trendiee offers the comparable stage that is very simple to utilize.

They will likely interface individuals with inclining news, and it’s one that they achieve wonderfully.


Diigo The Best Social Bookmarking Site – Over 9 Million users are using it.

PA: 73 DA: 92

Diigo is a definitive social bookmarking site for scholarly kinds.

Instructors, understudies, specialists, and anybody with a curious personality love the highlights that make monitoring their assets and sharing them simple.

Diigo is ideal for a substance that is centred around measurements, examination, or research of any industry.


BibSonomy The Blue Social Bookmark and Publication Sharing System

PA: 60 DA: 75

Truly, relatively few organizations distribute logical material as a feature of their promoting technique.

However, for those that do, BibSonomy is a chief social bookmarking site for organizations and scholastic sorts to gather, share and team up with the latest, very applicable research-based material.


Pearltrees – Organise Everything

PA: 69 DA: 91

There’s an effortlessness to Pearltrees that makes it a most loved among web programs that affection to make accumulations of their most loved things.

Pearltrees offers usefulness and a stage that makes it simple to share and assemble a new substance.


Flipboard – Discover and Share Your Stories

PA: 69 DA: 89

Flipboard ministers the world’s accounts you can concentrate on putting resources into yourself, remain educated and get included.



PA: 62 DA: 77

Listly enables bloggers and distributors to draw in perusers by viral best 10 records made by the network.



PA: 61 DA: 72

CiteULike is a free administration for putting away and arranging academic articles.

Clients of the site love their robotized article proposals.

These proposals additionally advantage the substance makers with decent SEO help.



PA: 62 DA: 82

DZone is one of the favoured social bookmarking destinations for programming engineers the world over.

Every day, a huge number of engineers go to the site to learn, offer, and read about the most recent advancements and patterns in the realm of programming improvement.



PA: 69 DA: 92

Feedly is the most prominent RSS blog peruser with in excess of 15 million clients and goes about as a news aggregator for different internet browsers and cell phones.



PA: 68 DA: 87

Instapaper is touted as the least complex approach to spare and store articles for perusing disconnected, in a hurry, whenever, anyplace.



PA: 55 DA: 70

LinkaGoGo has been around since 2001. It enables you to see bookmarks utilizing dynamic bookmark toolbars.



PA: 40 DA: 44

Crazybacklink is a free social bookmarking locale records concentrated on distinguishing destinations to manufacture backlinks.




PA: 39 DA: 42

MozyLink is a basic social bookmarking site where the substance can be submitted and casted a ballot on by the network.



PA: 43 DA: 42

PiPiNews is a bookmark connect sharing site for any individual who needs to share news, recordings, and pictures.



PA: 56 DA: 66

Sitejot is a free online bookmark administrator that enables you to deal with the majority of your bookmarks in one helpful spot.



PA: 39 DA: 41

Skybacklinks is an online administration which empowers clients to store, offer, and include interfaces over the web.



PA: 48 DA: 43

SocialBookmarkNow is a social bookmarking site that brags “moment endorsement” for submitted substance.



PA: 64 DA: 82

TechDirt is an online news blog that enables clients to post their own accounts.



PA: 44 DA: 48

Tracky is a social coordinated effort and ventures the executive’s apparatus that enables anybody to mingle tasks and store the majority of your advanced “stuff.”



PA: 65 DA: 80

MetaFilter is a network weblog that anybody can contribute a connection or remark on.



PA: 48 DA: 60

BookMarkBook is a standard free bookmarking site.



PA: 46 DA: 38

BookmarkMaps is a bookmarking administration that enables individuals to submit articles and offer the most casted a ballot substance to informal communities like Facebook and Twitter.



PA: 36 DA: 28

Bookmark feeds enables clients to submit article bookmarks from anyplace on the planet.


Begin Driving Traffic with These Social Sharing Sites

We’ve brought a look into the computerized universe, and what we’ve found is that it’s gigantic. Every business is one of the millions wanting to succeed on the web. Computerized showcasing is a far-reaching technique for progress, yet just on the off chance that you realize which apparatuses will enable you to arrive.

Social bookmarking is one of the numerous viable apparatuses you can use to fabricate your image’s essence on the web.


Do You Think Anything Missed?


Now I’d like to get notification from you.

Did I miss one of your most loved social bookmarking websites?

Or on the other hand perhaps you have an inquiry regarding something.

In any case, let me know by leaving a remark beneath this moment.