Top 5 Free Schema Markup Tools to Generate Schemas for You

Free Schema Markup Generator Tools
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Schema plays most important role when It comes to search engine optimisation of businesses. Structured data helps in making search results more rich & visually appealing with relevant information.

There are various SEO tools & plugins available to develop and implement on the website. Using these tools you can generate any type of Structured data and put back the code on your website.

Here we have compiled a list of top and best 5 Schema markup generator tool that can help you with schema generator for your business:

1. Schema Markup Generator (JSON-LD) By MERKLE

Use this tool to create required structured data or properties in JSON-LD. Once you have created your relevant Schema markup, just verify with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

How easily you can create schema using this tool, see below:

Select your markup type

Free Schema Generator Tool for Structured data

In case you are creating for person, just choose person and fill the details as shown in the below image.

Free Schema Generator Tool for Structured data

2. JSON-LD Schema Generator For SEO by Hall Analysis

Quickly generates the right JSON-LD for your local business, person, product, event, website, or organization. This tool will help you generate structured data very easily.

Type of markup we can generate with this tool are:

Best Schema Generator Tool for Structured data

Just choose your type and fill up the details of required properties and your schema will be ready in JSON-LD. See attached image below

JSON-LD Schema Generator For SEO by Hall Analysis

3. Generator for SEO | JSON-LD by

This is an awesome tool to create Schema for local businesses. Here you will find every local business type. Choose the right category from the left side and start creating structured data in JSON-LD for your business and click to generate.

See here the preview of schema generation:
microdatagenerator for schema markup

4. Google Structured Data Markup Helper by Google

Best and very easy tool to generate markups for your web page. You just have to select your schema markup type, paste your web page URL and start tagging your sections to create schemas.

Google Structured Data Markup Helper by Google

5. JSON-LD Generator by Schema App

In this schema generator tool, you will find a range of schema types for comprehensive markup generation for businesses. There are hundreds of schema classes or property types available in this tool to use for any type of business and web page. Simply generate your schema and paste it on your website. JSON-LD Generator by Schema App

Once you are done with creating your schema markup for your business do not forget to check it on Structured data testing tools.

Hope you find these tools helpful for your generating schema markups.

I would like to see your comments below, If I have missed something in the post.